Final Approval Form

Dr. Matt Randall, D.M.D.

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You also understand that the GWTG provides a warranty period following the launch. Any requests for support, changes or revisions past this warranty period will be billed as additional work. If you are unsure, please speak to GWTG about this.

You agree to the following:

  • Approval: The website is approved and meets all requirements. GWTG has delivered a fully functioning, finished product.

  • Testing: I have been given sufficient time to test the website.

  • Billable Hours: I understand that all future changes or corrections in design or content are now billable at GWTG’s standard rates.

  • Browser Compatibility: GWTG has developed my website for compatibility with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome web browsers. I also understand that older browsers and future browsers may not display my website or provide bug-free functionality due to the unpredictable nature of browser design.

  • Future Issues: Over time, certain aspects of websites may have issues. Browser compatibility may diminish, unknown customer input, and various random variables may cause slow degeneration of my website. I understand that GWTG is not responsible for these types of issues, but can help to control and prevent them with standard maintenance of the website.

  • Maintenance: GWTG offers maintenance plans and that if I choose to decline a maintenance agreement, all future security updates, backups are my responsibility. Any work required by GWTG will be under GWTG’s standard hourly rate. A quote will be provided.

  • Payment: I understand that full payment must be made as soon as I fill out and submit this approval form.